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3D Printers are emerging as a key growing Printing Technology in the global landscape. In India, the market for 3D Printers is at its nascent stage; however, it offers huge growth opportunities in the coming years.

In India, the 3D Printer market is one of the emerging markets, where demand is primarily exhibited from Tier 1 cities. India accounts for major potential growth for domestic manufacturers, local assemblers and distributors due to increasing use of rapid prototyping and 3D printing modeling across various industry sectors. Further, the "Make in India Campaign" (which started in 2014) is anticipated to drive the future growth of the market.

Talking about the opportunities that entrepreneurs can explore in the 3D Printing field, every single industry will be revolutionized by 3D Printing. From printing organs and prosthetic limbs, to space stations, education, science, manufacturing, fashion, etc.

Since the 3D Printing ecosystem and market is just opening up, there will be millions of jobs created in ways we cannot yet imagine

According to market experts, consumers and companies will spend more than US$1.2 billion on 3D Printer-related products in 2015-16. Given the huge opportunities that exist in the Indian market and the rapid consolidation that is taking place, it is certain that 3D Printing will be adopted a lot more across industries. Added to this is the fact that startups and entrepreneurs in India are seeing immense potential and benefits in 3D Printing technologies. It is only a matter of time before a compact 3D Printer will become a must-buy product for Indian households.

So it is the most appropriate time for the entrepreneur to venture in 3D Printing Technology.