3D Printing is becoming seen as a vital subject to be taught in schools; however not all schools have the financial resources to implement 3D printing in classroom. It’s also an important skill for adult to learn as well, but most people in workforce today didn’t have a chance to learn about it when they were in schools.

To educate the school student on 3D Printing technology, USI3DT has designed curriculum which can develop creativity of children and increase their interest into technology. The unique syllabus is planned on the consideration of average learning ability of the student in a particular Grade. The objective of the curriculum is to provide general education to the student on this upcoming technology from the school level so that they should be ahead in their chosen field after schooling. 

A3D pens are handy in crafts, sculpture, and fine art. A special mention would also be developing raised decorative designs. Naturally, anyone of any age can take part in such activities.

A 3D pen is an extremely valid learning tool, especially in areas like mathematics (for drawing geometric shapes), architecture (for modeling), and science (for visualizing physical models like atoms and organs).


Level 1

  • Historical Review
  • Introduction to 3D Printing
  • Introduction of designing in 3D Printing
  • Many pre-built templates
  • Concept of 2D Drawing and 3D Printing Drawing
  • Basic Shapes identification
  • Printing through 3D Pen & 3D Printer

Level 2

  • 3D Printing designing concept & Technologies
  • Printing Material
  • Installing 3D Printing Software
  • Scaffolding & basic Print parameters

Level 3

  • Introduction of manufacturing techniques
  • Understanding AM & DM
  • Type of 3D Printers and their Concepts
  • Handling 3D Printing Files

Level 4

  • Computer Aided Designing
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Crating models with Design
  • Software interface & Conversion of 3D Printing Files

Level 5

  • 3D Printing Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • CNC & Laser Machines
  • Advance Techniques in 3D Printing