USI3DT provides professional 3D printing training to students to enhance their knowledge in the field and improve their skill.

We provide training to the school student, undergraduate and graduate with various level of understanding and expertise.

We have tailored courses according to the need of students. Students can learn individually or in a group of students according to the requirement. Graduate and undergraduate students can improve their skill and improve their employability.



As 3D Printing has become one of the mainstream technology in past decade, it has become very important for everyone to learn it or at least understand at basic level has become must.

Faculties while they are training and educating future generation engineers, doctors, scientists, architects need to imbibe this knowledge so that they can train them well.

We provide training to faculty individually as well in groups as per demand of institute to uplift their knowledge at par of 3D printing domain.


Training of Trainer

As 3D Printing is penetrating in every segment of industry, trainers are going be in vast need to educate people in the technology.

USI3DT is committed to create future education enthusiast in field of 3D printing well versed with technology.

Trainer will get to learn all new technologies, materials and methodology in the domain. They can join industry or education field afterwards training.



Working professionals always want to excel in their field. To be in demand one need to learn new technics and technology to fulfill demand of new generation of customers. Customers come with very unique demand these days. To deal with it with traditional methodology seems archaic.

3D printing is key technology in the field of architecture, Jewelry, Casting, Automobile and aerospace, etc. Individual consultants, design engineers, application engineers, production engineers, dentists, pharmacists, doctors, startups, architects, etc. can learn this technology to boost their career and boost their respective business.


Industrial Workforce

USI3DT train industrial workforce to make people from the shop floor to management level to be well versed with the latest technological aspects. While 3D printing is the latest technological revolution people who are in design, new product development, production, assembly line, production planning, manufacturing, supply chain department should learn this technology to upgrade the flow of work.