Case Study: 3D Printed Orthopedic / Bio-Medical Hand Cast


Introduction   206, It is the number of bones a normal human has. Bones are the strongest part of the body. Bones are the core of the body which gives strength and ability to lift weights. Bones absorb the external force to protect our internal organs. But sometimes accidentally bones fractured. As per surveys conducted, […]

Free Introductory Hands on Workshop on 3D Printing Technology

Workshop aimed at providing introductory hands on experience to understand 3D Printing Technology and learn how it can benefit it them in their professional career. It will be providing knowledge on CAD, 3D Printing software and how 3D Printer works.  It will cover the following points: Type of 3D Printing Technology Basic Understanding of design […]

Free Introductory Seminar on 3D Printing Technology


This is a FREE introductory seminar on 3D printing technology. You will learn about one of the fastest growing technology and how it will help shaping your career. According to recent survey, 3D printing technology will open up around 3.2 crore jobs worldwide by end of year 2022. Deep dive into this technology now so […]